Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Birthday and Easter!

Friday April 22nd was my birthday! I turned 22! It really was a great birthday, minus the fact that I had to work all day. I'm over it, my boss made me cupcakes! For my birthday I got a new blow dryer that I love! I "officially" got my new camera. I got some money, new shoes, a canvas print of monkey, and an I O U (which i still have no idea what it is). We went to dinner at Chilis. Loved the salsa and queso but I broke my rule to always order what I know I love and got a big thumbs down on my meal. Then Jase took me over to Kohls to go shopping and to the mall and I got some WAY cute clothes! Plus thanks to Facebook reminding everybody I got a million Happy Birthdays and tons of phone calls! So Thank you to everyone who made my birthday SO special!

For Easter again, I had to work. I woke up early and hid the eggs and Kendyls basket. Then Jase and Kendyl got up and went on a hunt. I sat back and made some blueberry muffins, then headed to work. I got off in time to catch about 10 minutes of church. Then we went over to Kody and Cami's for dinner! My rolls were a fail. I thought I cooked them thoroughly but guess not cause when they cooled they were about as tall as a cookie! Oh well, we had fun and the rest of the food was delicious!

We didn't take many pictures so here is what you get! We hope you all had a great Easter! Love you all!

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