Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference Weekend

Well, as you can see, I have chopped my hair! The big pony was donated to locks of love, and the little one I gave to my mom. I think she is still crying over my loss of hair!
TADA!! And this is after running through the rain and the wind and messing around all afternoon!

So we went to Utah this past weekend. Jase has finals all this week and he wanted to do something fun! He took off and went Antler hunting and I opted to stay home! :) I got up first thing, and took ms Kendyl to my grandma and grandpa Shields! They love her! It is so fun to see them with her!

I then attempted to make cake balls. These are the easiest things ever and I totally messed them up! Next time! I watched conference then headed to get my hair did! After that Jase was finally home, We got takeout of chilis, then I headed to the BIG surprise party for my best friend Jessica MELBA. She was SO surprised! Mandie did a heck of a job planning it! I love these 2 girls!

Sunday came, we watched conference, napped, lounged around then drove home to Idaho! I will be back Utah, give me til Friday!


  1. You hair looks cute! Seeing how much you chopped off, I thought it was going to be super short, but you still have a ton of length! I like it!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I can't believe you had that much to chop off! I have similar photos from 2 years ago and I did cry!