Friday, April 1, 2011

Family photos

Today we tried to take advantage of the nice weather. We headed up to the train tracks and took some family photos. (Since our last ones was when I was still swollen post labor). Please don't pay attention to my PHAT cough fat rolls. I am still working on them!

I am still learning so don't judge too much. But for a 15 minute photo shoot on the tracks, and a baby that had never really been outside before, I would say we did pretty well!


  1. Cute family pics! Glad you guys are getting some warmer weather!

  2. OH MY GOSH! These are so cute! Tay, what kind of camera did you get?! The pictures look SOOO clean and so nice! :) Kendyl is a doll!

  3. It's a canon rebel t1i.:) they are so fun to have as just a hobby! :) thanks bayl!