Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This month at the gym they have a lazy ironman race. Pretty much you have the month of February to complete:
26 miles of running
112 miles of biking
2.7 miles of swimming
Only Im trying to complete it in less than the month.
So, lets hope i stay undizzy and stay healthy so I can get this done!

ps. January- I went an entire month without baked goods! WOO WOO! candy and that stuff isn't my weekness. My weakness is cookies and cupcakes and brownies and anything else like that! I did it because growing up i would laugh at people who would do this. I thought there is NO way i could EVER do it. So, I caved in and I did it. It was hard. The hardest- going to subway and seeing the softest chocolate chip cookies I have EVER seen! UGH That was hard!

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