Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whats been going on Lately!
Well lets start with Valentines day! Jase had school all day So ms Kendyl and I just hung out. Finally Jase had a break in school so we gave eachother our presents! Our limit was $15. And the only rule I gave him was I didn't want flowers..or chocolate! Well we both went over our $15 but his birthday is the next day so I figured it was ok. I got him the Fathers of Faith Book and he got me a HUGE pack of sharpies and some new headphones! (since mine got smashed in the car door and his are too big and hurt my ear!) He decided he didn't want the book. He thought it was thoughtful and cool but with him overwhelmed with school he would never have time to read it. That was great becasue I kept the receipt.....SOMEWHERE? (read Wal Mart post above this to hear this wodnerful pitiful story!)
Anyway Later we went to see the baby lambs. I love this time of year up here. They are SO cute! This little fella was adorable and I didn't want to put him down. (or is it a her?)
I made VERY tasty fettucini alfredo sauce made from cauliflower and we had dirt cups for dessert! (I LOVE DIRT CUPS!)

I just thought I would throw this picture in here. It seriously makes me LAUGH so hard! She really isn't scared of her wocket but she is sure starting to notice and concentrate on things lately. The other day she was playing with his hair! Maybe she will go to beauty school?

This video is for you to watch kendyl roll! She is so fun!

Then finally Tuesday came and it was Jases Birthday! Tell me how to get on the bad wifes hall of fame right now! All he wanted for his birthday was Sitka Camo for hunting. What did I do? I totally made him order it! Horrible I know. Since this crap is so freaking expensive thats all he got. On his birthday I felt bad. I didn't even get out of bed and make him breakfast thanks to his class at 7:30. strike 2 for the day! So eventually I decided I better do at least SOMETHING! I baked him his favorite spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Kendyl and I led him on a scavenger hunt to give him what she got him: Son in Law the movie. I made him very tasty meatloaf. So i guess all in all he ended up having a fun birthday even tho I made him order his own birthday. (OH...and its still in the mail being shipped so he hasn't even gotton it yet!)
He claims since the mission birthdays are just another day. PSH...I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

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