Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 random things...


Alright So were just gonna do 25 random facts about me.. then we will get jase on here after his HUGE tests this week and get him to do it! Some can be funny!
1. my favorite place in the world is on the Beach or on a boat.....I would say this is when I am the happiest.
2. One time I thought i was So cool I was snapping my fingers to a song and i snapped so long and so hard i got a blister...popped the blister and peeled the skin back. (who says u cant injure yourself snapping away!)
3. I love to play softball. its my favorite sport...
4. I could eat spaghetti every meal every day for the rest of my life. Too bad jase hates it so we only get it once a week!
5. i absolutely HATE being tickled..whats worse than that is being tickled right as your about to fall asleep... and sometimes jase loves to tickle me at this time just to see me get so angry I almost cry... but i always laugh after.
6. I love being married to jase. he is the BEST!
7. I love my baby girl Kendyl. How is it possibly a toothless almost hairless girl who can't speak a word brings so much joy everyday to my life.
8. I love the company Jase works for and I love all the amazing families I get to meet. (cough cough... Wrights...Jacobsens...Caballeros.. Just to name a few!)
9. I sometimes want to chop my hair off... but when I do I want to grow it out. I wish I could make up my mind
10. I am terrified of Snakes...TERRIFIED!
11. I wish I could say something to a certain someone... that day will come.. until then I just avoid them.
12. I love to work with the public. Most people hate it.. I enjoy it!
13. I have helped pull a calf.. I drove the 4 wheeler while jase roped it, I sat on the cow while jase pulled the calf out with the 4 wheeler.
14. I think baby animals are the cutest things ever.
15. I used to HATE to garage sale... NOW i can't get enough of it! i only like the Park City and "rich" town ones the most tho.
16. My little brother and I used to butt heads like no tomorrow... Now i would say were like best friends. I used to be better at sports than him... he has surpassed me by a long shot.
17. I can't wait for Kendyl to grow up and get attitude with me. Its gonna suck but i can't wait to laugh at the funny stuff she says.
18. If I have ever met someone they are my friends and if we have ever hung out we are considered best friends. i care for so many people its not even funny.
19. I want to..scratch that.. HAVE to go to the Ellen show one day. If i have to camp out for days I will.
20. I am VERY critical of myself. Like so bad I annoy myself... i am always so worried people dont like me or i say the wrong thing or Im too big or not enough something.
21. I love quotes
22. I love chips and salsa... maybe more than I love spaghetti....
23. I love parties. I will find any excuse for throw a party. I love just getting everyone together and being in the same place as them.
24. I love going to church and being so Happy from going and learning at church.
25. I want to be something someday. Something that helps people, makes them happy and makes me happy. I just don't know what that is yet.


  1. You hate snakes?! I had no idea, I am terrified as well, but I've always tried to keep it a secret! Chips and salsa = best invention ever!

  2. I need to read your blog more often, especially if you're going to throw compliments my way :)