Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why we move SO much

So many of you are aware we move about every 6 months or so. What many of you are unaware of is why. No were not gypsys and no we don't move for the heck of it. It is actually for Jases job/School. He is employed for the LDS church in their ranches. This is a company called AgReserves. He is on an internship for the management training program. They send him to school and then during his "break" semester they send us on an internship. So we move around the country going to different ranches while Jase plays cowboy. (wouldn't it be cool if i was an indian!? jk)
Some facts about these ranches.... The Florida ranch is Called Deseret Cattle and Citrus. It is one of the largest (if not already) cow calf operations in the United States. The ranch is just shy of 300,000 acres. The citrus grove there goes to the orange juice we drink everyday. In fact I don't know if it is true or not but i hear that every time you drink orange juice then your getting some oranges from this very ranch.
So then the next question is How or Why did Jase get into this...he is SO lucky to have such an opportunity. here is the answer:
The day Jase got home from his Mission, he went straight up to the Utah ranch (kinda by Morgan) and up there we guided Elder Holland around. Elder Holland called him into his office to bring him his walking stick he left behind. (Imagine Jase going through security with a giant stick!) There he told Jase he knows the President and gave him his number and gave jase a blessing. Not a few days later this very president called Jase and asked to sit fown and have a meeting with him. Jase thought he was nuts...who would pay for school, housing, moving, and want him to be a manager of these ranches? So it honestly took Jase a long time to decide he wanted to do it. Sounds crazy right? So thats the story.
Right after we got married we moved to Florida, then to BYU-I for school, then to Elberta Utah to the dairy farm, now back to BYU-I. Next we go to Kansas, then back to BYU-I. As of plans for now we will end up back in Florida for 2 years. Then Jase with have to go to Texas A&M to get his masters and work on the King Ranch.
To get a little view of the Florida ranch check out the video on youtube. For some reason I am a titch computer illiterate. I do know how to copy and paste but for some reason I can't for this website . So anway it is posted somewhere either before or after this post. Or just search for Deseret Cattle and Citrus in youtube and it should be the first video.

Well so thats our lives and we have SO much fun doing it. The people on these ranches are unreal....they are truly amazing and we are so greatful for them. They have really made living across the country easier.

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  1. Taylor, you answered all of my questions! How fun and what an amazing experience! I'm so happy for you and your hubby and your BEAUTIFUL baby! Miss you :)