Monday, February 7, 2011



FEBRUARY 1, 2011: This was honestly just seconds before she very first rolled over! I have it on video to prove it, but i sound soooooooo lame I decided I will save myself some ebarassment and not post the video. Maybe next time i video it i will just keep my mouth shut! :) She rolls all the time now. Only from her stomach to her back. I think she does it for all the attention from everyone. She loves to get applauded! :)
FEBRUARY 9, 2011: Ms Kendyl Marie slept in her OWN room all by herself. :) I of course was in the other room a nervous wreck all night! I was scared she would have bad dreams or wake up and think we abandoned her. Little did I know she would sleep until 7:30! I finally had to wake her up to feed her cause i had to get to the gym! She is getting to be SUCH a big girl! next I know she will be asking for the keys to the car!
***This one is just a little extra funny moment. I was at the gym and had a hard work out. I got home and couldn't find Jase and Kendyl. I went upstairs and Jase was studying in the tub and Kendyl was laying in there PASSED OUT ASLEEP! I thought what in the world!? It was SOOO funny! Jase said he got in to study and she got in too. She played so hard kicking her feet and splashing and loved it. She played her little heart out and got so tired she fell asleep! Isn't she just the funniest cutest little thing!? ***

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