Monday, February 7, 2011

jases Proud moment

Welcome to one of Jases proudest moments!.....
This weekend we went to the hunting expo at the Salt Palace. This is like HUGE to the hunting hicks out there. (by hicks I mean everyone in camo, drinkin their corona and Limes, staring at deer, moose, elk, for and entire Saturday.....AND having a blast!) By all means I had fun but I did not wear my camo, I drank water and my feet hurt! Jase was googly eyed the ENTIRE time! So many people came out and this picture below might explain why....

Jases deer got #1 scoring deer of 2010! (the deer in front!) (the deer in back is his 2nd best from a few years ago) His deer proudly stood and had SO many people come to look at them. Jase got this cool award. Jase, Kenny and Brandon made the pedestal. It took many days of hard work. They really did an amazing job on it! Jase is SO proud he has his "best friend" back to stare at.

Here is Ms Monkey in a BIG camping chair. I kicked a little kid off so i could take her picture. I feel bad but he was nice and i let him right back on as i was done!

Here is me with a hippopotamus! I thought this thing was awesome!

And last but not least the awesome monkey! They are so ugly up close! ha ha! way cooler alive at the zoo! :)

All in all our weekend in Utah was a success! The weather was great. (Just think last week up here it was -34 plus SO windy!) we didn't tell many people we were up cause we were SO busy as it was. I am glad were home now so we can catch up on some sleep! We miss everyone like crazy! Love you guys!

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