Monday, January 24, 2011

sweet thumb suckin...

Alright So first off I have to show off Kendyls new dress! She looks so cute in it! Sorry the picture is kinda blurry, she was kickin her legs all over and wouldn't hold still. But she Loves it. Her poor legs cant find any tights or panty hose. I have been to store after store to online stores and still can't find any. If u know where i could find some let me know! So we wrapped her legs up in a blanket and off to church we went! :)

Now I think we have a thumb sucker on our hands. She is SO sly when she does it! I am trying to teach her not to suck on her thumb just because I dont want to try and break the habbit later in life (which i Hear is SO hard!). Although this is a bad habbit, I really enjoy it in the middle of the night when she will suck away and not cry after dropping her binky for the 10 thousandth time!

Anyway, My parents came up this weekend and brought this little puppy! Introducing our new bumbo! Kendyl thinks she is SO cool sitting up like a big girl. She looks around the room like "look at me, Im SO cool!"

So anyway, My parents took Kendyl for a few hours over at the hotel and Jase and I got to go swimming and sit in the hot tub! SO fun! Last time I sat in the hot tub was on our cruise before we came home from Florida. I felt like a little kid in the pool for the first time! Thanks mom and John! (ps, thanks john for hitting the Jackpot gambling on the way up here to buy Kendyls seat!)

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