Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kendyl is HERE!!

And what a ROUGH start she had!

She was born November 10, 2010 at 5:47 pm. Boy this labor was a breeze. If my whole pregnancy was this easy I honestly would be happy to have lots of kids! :) AND she even came 1 week early. She must have known that we HATE when people are late! She fits right in! Anyway, she was born with a little bit of pnemonia, and she couldn't keep her oxygen levels up. So they whisked her away and put her in NICU. This was the hardest time of my life. I felt so guilty thinking it was something I had done or something I could have prevented. I was so sad and I just cried and cried. Then to top it off she ended up with Jaundice and then we couldn't hold her. She had so many monitors and cords and machines then she had to get a feeding tube. I just felt so bad and I wished I could have taken her place. The nurses and doctors were so great to us and tried to make us as comfortable as possible since I was discharged and my baby was sick still in the NICU. Finally after 4 LONG days we got to take her home as long as we took her back to the hospital for the next few days to get her niliruben levels checked.

Having Baby Kendyl home is the greatest thing ever! She is so fun and such a happy baby. She smiles ALL the time and just makes us SO happy. I love that i get to stay home with her all day long and play with her and hold her and watch her grow! I love when she sneezes and makes all the other cute noises that she does. She is great and we love her!

So anyway, were gonna try and post better now since were gonna be moved out of Utah for a LONG time! were gonna miss everyone! (and maybe we will get the hang of this posting thing and make it better and funner cause were So new to this!)

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