Thursday, May 17, 2012

Long Update

My little brother Trevor had a heck of a season for Northridge Baseball.  Lets just say, they made softball when I played, look AMAZING! ha ha poor baseball boys.  In this season they won NO GAMES, hey but they lost all of them.  All of the coaches quit.  And on top of that I think Trevor is up to 16 baseball scholarships.(I lost count long ago)  WOO HOO!  He will probably end up in Arizona but when he thinks he makes up his mind he ends up getting another phone call of an offer.  We are so proud and happy for him.  These are some pics from their last home game!

 These are all of the seniors.

 Kendyl LOVES her uncle chebs!  oh, and that hat!
 Here we are, Trevor, Buggy and me!  (see me rockin my baseball shirt!)
 And Trevor, Bug, me and Jase! 

So the other day we were on our way to a wedding reception.  We told bug to get ready and she met us at the door like this.  Hat, baby, and purse.  She is such a diva.  She will not leave the house without her hat. 
 Here is us together!
 And another variation of her hat!  seriously we love her personality, and she always keeps us laughing!
 The other day we went shopping with one of my very best friends Courtney.  We just walked over to City creek.  I guess shopping wore her out cause this is how we found her.
 A couple weeks ago my mom and I stopped at Petersen Farm supply.  I stayed in the car with bug so she could somewhat nap.  My mom brought out a little chick and kendyl woke up to the chick standing here.  Needless to say she kinda picked it up and was like yuck and moved it.  She then noticed what it was and loved it and was giving it kisses.  We also brought out a bunny and a duck as well!
Then we were clothes shopping with my mom.  While she was trying them on I kinda lost bug.  (bad mom moment) anyway, I called her name and she came running around the corner with this hat (headband) on!  We cannot get enough of her! 

This little girl is 18 months old now.  She weighs 22.2 pounds and is now TERRIFIED of the doctor.  She saw that nurse and screamed bloody murder until we left.  Poor thing.  Scared her so bad that on Monday when I went to get my hair lasered she thought she was in a doc office again and screamed.  Thankfully Jess and Brayden rescued her and took her to get a slurpee and skittles!  Thanks guys we love you!  She is so so much fun and is a little copycat.  We have to be careful what we say now days. She loves counting the cars 1..2..3.. off our deck.  She loves to look for the moon.  She absolutely LOVES chips and salsa, and is learning to kick her legs in the swimming pool.  She gets the opportunity on Saturday to show off her cuteness since she has been picked to model for a boutique photo shoot. 
As for us, were super super busy.  We have to ship our stuff to Florida by the 8th, and in that time we have a baby shower, Jase teaching father and sons on fishing, my sisters wedding, My brothers graduation, Jase gone to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Florida, pack, pack pack...were super busy so if anyone wants to come help us that week we will feed you pizza and root beer floats! ha ha.  no were absolutely thrilled to be headed to Florida again.  Every night I come up with a list of what I want to do there.  So far
-Swim with dolphins
-Sea World
-Beaches (tons of them)
-surfing lessons
-Find a great beach workout
-hopefully do ragnar (Miami to key west0 or the Disney princess half marathon
-see the baby cows
-Fresh squeezed orange juice
and eat the best produce in the world!

anyway sorry about the long update, but bug is napping and i have to catch up!

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  1. I can't get over how cute Kendyl is and I can't believe she is 18 months already!!!