Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Salt Lake City!

OK wow, where to start! I have been going through my camera and just thought wow, I need to get these documented so this is a big update with a large amount of pictures!
These past few weeks in Salt Lake have been a blast.  We are trying to do so many fun things that we hit the bed every night tired as can be. 
-We got a new car and within the week it was minorly hit in the parking lot.  No pics yet, were just now not getting rain so within the next few days i will get one up!  Its a 2011 Hyundai Santa fe, we found it online and Jase put in a ridiculously low offer with a fake name (cause honestly we didn't think they would accept it) to our surprise, they did so next we had to look into it as to why they were selling it so cheap...turns out it was just on a subaru lot on a trade in and it was in PERFECT condition!
-we have gone to city creek a lot.  Not just to shop but just to get out of the house and walk around.
-We go to lots of Trevor's baseball games and Buggy loves it!
-We went to a Bees game on a night Trevor was working.  It was fun for Bug to see him down on the BIG field, she was also really interested in the train. kept pointing and saying Choo Choo!
-We had my Birthday! YAY!  here is a little fact: Since my last birthday we have moved 5 times!  FIVE!
-Were anxiously awaiting moving to Florida.  We can't wait to go surfing, go to the beach, paddle board, be so so warm, (TAN) and be back with some of the best people I have ever met.
-We sold Jase's truck, I couldn't stand that truck! (the one that semi caught on fire while I was 7 months prego on a mountain)  Don't worry we fixed everything so it was in great shape!
-Kendyl is a little jibber jabber now.  She says everything!  This morning i sneezed and she looked at me and said oh dear (in an English accent?) I said bug did you go pee pee in your diaper and she said pee pee!  (uh?)  she knows head shoulder knees and toes along with the facial features... When we get out of the elevator she runs down the hall in the wrong direction.  Then when we get to our door to unlock it, she takes off and is clear down the hall again.  She is WILD!  She loves balloons, animals, splashing water, coloring, eating, chocolate milk, and trashing the house in 1 minute flat.  She loves the blinds and looking outside at the cars, she hates car rides sometimes, and loves baths.  She is getting too big too fast but we love her and everyday it just gets funner and funner!

now onto pictures from FOREVER ago until now

This is a Cajun boil that we do up at the ranch that has now become a tradition.  No plates, or utensils, use your fingers only and eat up!  mmm! sausage, shrimp, potatoes, corn and onions.

 This is also from last summer up at the ranch.. she has grown so much since then!
 Happy valentines day 2012!  Had to deck out in pink right?
 That night we had our fun friends come and frost sugar cookies!  Becca, Quin, Cami, Kody and Brylie!  We miss them all SO much!
 We are finally in Salt Lake so we checked out city creek!  I LOVE Tiffany's but could never afford anything.  Although last night we saw a lady with a HUGE Tiffany's bag and it had a big box in it and a littler bag.... She had to of spent SO much money my jaw dropped!
 Little bug chillin at the fountains with dad!
 At the Bees game all she wanted to do was ride the choo choo
 Then after she was TERRIFIED of the Bee.  She kept her distance after this.
 She got to go down on the field in between innings with her favorite unkie Chebs!
 Yesterday we took advantage of the warm weather and headed to the zoo with the Wrights (-David) We had so much fun! It was super hot and my allergies kick into full gear tho. 
 She liked the elephant
 could careless about the Tiger...
and HATED the giraffe.  weird? 
Anyway this is us in a nutshell right now.  Call us up and come on down to play, we have a blast!
oh and PS, thanks so much to everybody who made my birthday wonderful.  I got so spoiled it was crazy!  Thanks again, we love you all!

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