Friday, April 13, 2012

Jamis wedding!

Congrats to Mrs Jamilynn and Steve Russell for getting married! And, I have not pictures to show for it except these 2 outside the temple! We have the best friends ever and I am SO happy to be part of this fine TYCO group!
For those who dont know this group back row: Myself, Ashley Newbold (and little baby girl due in June!) Front row: Carney (Jessica Salisbury), Paul (Paulette Barton), Morgan and our finest California girl, Amanda Frandsen!
Were cute huh!
Anyway thanks for the fun day girls! Sorry I didn't get a pic of all of us at the cutest reception, and thanks Jami for letting us all be part of your special day!
Now to my little twiddle plum. We tell her to pucker up, and this is what we get!:

Also, we made it back to Utah! We are having a blast and it is so great to get out and about every day. I can get a nice tan on my deck and have picnicks on it! We can walk to the grocery store, and I can do a morning run around temple square. Were looking into buying a new car! We have the greatest neighbors (The Wrights) with THE cutest little kids! I will take more pics and show you how fun our new life is with Jase graduated and living downtown!

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  1. I am DYING laughing at our candid picture!! Love ya Tayler, that day was so fun! :)