Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Bye Idaho

We have been oacking like wild indians trying to get out of Idaho. We have no tv, couch, plates, toys and Kendyl is having fun sitting on boxes throughout the house. The weather has been so nice which is very odd for idaho. We are expected to get rain on actual moving day :(

We decided to take half the day off and say a friendly hasta la bye bye Idaho! We spent it going to Idaho Falls and picking up bugs Easter toys, then heading to the Zoo! Tyson and Shawney know a lady that is the penguin keeper at the zoo and they got to invite us along for the day!

Kendyl was so scared of the penguin but by the end I think she warmed up to it. I mean we have been watching Mr. Poppers Penguins the last couple days since it was the only movie that didn't get packed. Seriously this little penguin was SO sweet and she loved to walk us around the park!
We also went on our last hoorah to Kiwi Loco (frozen yogurt) with the neighbors. It has become a tradition that every tuesday night we go there since it is buy 1 get 1 free! I almost cried walking out of there for the very last time!
We are happy to annouce we will be living right across from City Creek in Salt Lake city for the next couple months. Weird to say that we might miss this boring little town, or more the friends we have made here. Well we will be friends forever right!?
Now pray the rain doesnt hit and we can make it out of here on time!

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