Friday, March 23, 2012

Get in Shape...

{I am no weight loss expert, these are just healthy swaps and Ideas I have enjoyed while getting into shape} oh and obviously this isn't me in the picture...i found it on google.
  • Start with taking a picture of yourself in a swim suit against a plain wall. {I thought I was doing ok for myself last fall, Thought I looked ok since I fit in my pre prego clothes. After I took that picture I honestly cried, and that was the BIGGEST motivation for me to start doing something! }
  • Get moving! I dont care if you love tv, a good workout is get up and workout during the commercials. I do jumping jacks, lunges, squats, abs, wall sits, anything to get moving. Seriously its harder than it sounds and ends up getting you a decent workout!
  • Go on walks, go walk the mall, play catch, join a fitness class, sign up for a race and train for it, jump on the tramp, or be a kid for a day. {we were at the park yesterday and i tried to chase bug around and thought, no wonder why I was in shape back in the day, this is hard work!}
  • Make healthy meal swaps. Add more vegetables then main course. If you cant get away from peanut butter-spread it on celery rather than toast. Have egg whites for whole eggs, and eggs for cereal. Try not to eat out, if you do, limit to special occasions. Treat yourself once a week. Lets be serious, nobody can take away my frozen yogurt!
  • Portion Control, Portion Control, Portion Control. put your food on a plate and sit down at a kitchen table to eat, then be done. Dont just grab a handful here and there. My flaw-Chips and salsa. Before I knew It, I could eat a whole bowl of salsa with say 20+chips? Chips are horrible! get your chips before you sit down, count out how many you want and when they are gone, they are gone, dont get more. Its ok to share your bowl of salsa :/
  • When you reward yourself for doing something good, dont reward yourself with food. Go get a cute new shirt, or a pedicure, or take a nice hot bath.
  • Remember, you have to walk the legnth of a football field to burn off 1 m&m, sounds not to bad, but wait til you eat a bag of them, you will have to walk a couple miles to burn those off.

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