Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still Waiting and Buggy update

We are still waiting on if we go or stay and where we go. We have to be out of our apartment in 3 weeks, So right now Im praying to be able to go since we won't have a place to live here! On the upside, the longer the wait, the better chance we are seeing that we are out of Idaho. I am thrilled, but on the downside I am so sad to leave our best friends and have to wait for them in Florida!
Here is our sweet buggy. Poor girl might not ever know her real name. She is going to drow up telling her people her name is Monkey, buggy, princess and twiddle plum. She is still the sweetest odd nicknamed girl I know!
She absolutely LOVES the Price is Right. She loves to get "tickets" and we say "The Winner is....Kendyl Taylor!!" she then throws her arms in the air and yells "YAAAYYYY"
She is in a sticker phase and in a matter of 5 minutes she can have her covered in stickers, along with us, the couch and anything in sight. She loves jewelry. She knows what an elephant, doggie, cow, monkey, pig and turkey say. Her favorite thing to say is No. We will ask her if she had a good nap and she will look at you in deep thought and say, no. If we are watching tv and mickey mouse will ask for her help she shakes her head and says, no. She loves to drag out all her blankets and put them on a pile in the middle of the floor. She also LOVES to help put laundry in the washer and then when they are folded she helps take them to where they belong. She loves to sit on the dishwasher while Im trying to load it. As many times as I take her off, within seconds she is back on.
We love her and cant believe how big and smart she is getting.

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