Monday, March 14, 2011

4 months, jackson and the bears

Ms Monkey turned 4 months on Thursday the 10th! To celebrate we took her to the doc to get her shots and all that. She now weighs:
11 lbs 9 oz and is 24 inches long.
She is starting to get so big! She was all full of smiles and loved holding the doctors hand while he listened to her heart and lungs. Then she was still full of smiles and then the nurses gave her the shots. She screamed like what was that for, i was trying to be cute to u guys! poor baby girl! But she did so good after and she slept all afternoon!

Friday we went to the new costa Vida in town. It was just what i wanted BUT they are brand new and i think some of the workers had never been to or seen how this place works! Some of the locals were commenting on why a mexican restaurant would decorate with surf boards and all that. I didn't care... I got my salad and was happy! It was still fun to hear peoples reactions to this place! Then we went and celebrated at adam and alyses house cause they just found out they are having a BABY BOY! yay! Congrats you 2!

Saturday we headed to Jackson Hole! Jases parents came up and Jases and his dad really wanted to see some wildlife.... so off we went. the girls pretty much slept the enitre way up there until Kenny hit a frost heave going 100mph. (not really but felt like it.)
We had fun looking in the shops and wishing we had the hundreds of dollars for the ugly sheepskin sweaters! Jase and kenny went to the refuge and they saw lots of animals...even a wolf! Kendyl slept her entire trip up here so i guess we will have to go back when she is older so she can experience it!
And my favorite day....SUNDAY! We hung out all morning then went to our very late 1:30 church. Kendyl slept almost the whole time during that too. (How did we get such a good baby!?) After church we came home, changed, ate our spaghetti dinner, played a game of hot dice and headed to Bear World. (ps..yay i get to work there again this year!) Anyway the Baby bear cubs were pulled like a week and a half or so ago. And since Stacy (the bear keeper) is the nicest, funnest and best lady ever.... she let us come play our hearts out. These were the sweetest babies ever! I wanted to put one in my pocket and bring one home. Instead I just played!
Here is the size of them. look how tiny and cute!

This one was SO hyper! He was so cute!

This one is "#9" (they dont have names yet) and he was MY favorite! Look at their cute paws!

See they are so sweet!

kendyl didn't know what to think of the noises they made. It was funny to watch her!
So thanks STACY!!! your the best and we owe you big time!

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