Wednesday, March 23, 2011

virus, high temp and rash

SO this past weekend we packed up some stuff and headed to Utah. We had BIG plans to visit grandma and grandpas, go to the Ogden temple, hang with TYCO, go to the expo... My mom was gonna watch the baby. This sounds just easy and fun doesn't it!? Well we got to Utah late Friday night and had all these big plans for Saturday. We did make it to the show Saturday morning. It was so fun to play with the baby bears again and then to watch splash dogs. Kendyl just was not happy though. She cried the entire time! She felt a little warm but we thought it was just from her crying and it was hot in the building. We got home and she was still just sad as ever.... and just looked miserable. Her temp was reading 99 so it wasn't too high. She has had diarrhea for about a week. Anyway she was just sick. We decided instead of going to visit grandparents to let her sleep in a bed. That didn't last long. So then next we decided to not make my mom watch her cause that would be torture on her part so we didn't end up going to the temple. :( and we missed out on TYCO night! :( Anyway she just wasn't happy, she was miserable. Her temp got to 101.4, she wouldn't eat much... and i was a scared momma. Monday morning we got her back up here to her doc. I was thinking just ear infections. Nope she has a stomach Virus. (I'm thinking a form of the flu?) She was getting dehydrated. Luckily her fever had broke. We had to give her pedialite which she loves. (Jase wanted to mix it with milk to make a "strawberry milkshake") SICK! Then we thought she was getting better until last night within 10 minutes she was covered head to toe in a rash. So we called the doc after hours. (which i am sure he is just loving me by this point!) Turns out its just a heat rash from the fever. Lets cross our fingers for a better day today and a better night sleep tonight.


  1. UH! That is terrible! Sick babies are so not fun, and its so sad to have to watch them go through all the pain! :( Get better Kendyl!

  2. Aw poor girl! Jett got a rash that covered his body and we found out he was allergic to his medicine he was taking for his ear infection.
    Cute blog by the way! So glad we can stay updated by FB and blogging!