Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Ready...

So last night I was at the gym on the tredmill trying to get my run in for the day. I normally don't watch the tvs there cause I hate reading the captions and I honestly get more enjoyment on my run while watching people. I have read the news, I have seen a few pictures....but i had never seen it on tv. Were talkin about the earthquake in Japan. I just ran in shock, in hurt, i just kept running and running. Now i don't have tv here so I normally read the news from the internet. I am just in awe at how anybody survived. So this got me up to thinking....What would I do?

In the church the prophets are constantly giving us warnings. Warning after warning. How often and for how many years did they warn us that the economy would crash!? How often do they tell us to be prepared? Well, I am far from prepared. I have a few water bottles to my name, a few cans of vegetables and such and thats about it. I guess I could live off of canned corn. Then I was thinking what about Kendyl!? Sure i have enough formula to feed her for about a week! But i can't rely off of feeding her off of me cause I don't have enough water for me to drink to produce for her! Anyway, the church is HUGE on prepardness this year. To get our year supply all ready to go.

ps, i swear im getting somewhere with this, just bare with me and keep reading!

Anyway, lately jases Book of Mormon class has been reading all about the second coming. Then in the Gospel Doctrine book chapter 43, its all about the signs of the 2nd coming. it says in there:

" Our Heavenly father wants us to be prepared for these troubles. He also EXPECTS us to be spritually ready when the Savior comes to His glory."

in D&C 45:27- And all things shall be in commotion; and fear shall come upon all people

D&C 88:91- We can expect earthquales, disease, famines, great storms, lightnings and thunder...

Not all signs are scary. Some are full of joy as well. Sealing of families, the book of Mormon, Missionaries on all parts of the earth...

Its not that hard to see that some big changes are coming. In this chapter it shares the parable of the fig tree. He said that when we see the fig tree putting forth leaves, we can tell that summer will soon come!

It also states that the righteous when he comes will not be destroyed...

If you read on KSL Elder Hollands press conference about the missionaries over in Japan.... here are some facts that he stated.

All 638 Missionaries are safe and accounted for...

The church has been able to identify and document the safety of all member of the LDS church of the affected area except for 1 ward and 2 branches.

Substantial financial help has already been commited to the nation, to the people, regardless of their religious affiliation

I am not saying I know when the second coming will be here. I am not saying it will be today and i am not saying it will be in 10 years because honestly i have no Idea. All I know is that I want to be ready. There is no doubt that I know its coming soon.... the fig tree is blooming!

So im headed to go get us some food, water, first aid kits, you name it, im gonna be ready for when a disaster strikes near me.

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