Friday, March 4, 2011

Jases Facts

As promised we are having Jase do his 25 random facts.... but from my point of view.
1. my favorite thing to do is hunt.
2. i love my wife so much... I think she gets wife of a lifetime award.
3. One of the best days of my life was when Kendyl was born.
4. I used to play little league baseball in my socks and sandals...Tayler likes to laugh at me for it.
5. i played every sport and ran track in college.
6. I used to put antlers on my neighbors head, make him crawl around and my friends and I would shoot him with foam arrows... it was called "hunting"
7. i served my mission in the Chicago South Mission.
8. Once when we were on the ranch my truck caught on fire.
9. I think i have the coolest and had the coolest boss in the world...(one of them was my dad!)
10. i wear cowboy boots every day
11. I love seafood, Tayler hates it but i eat her favorite food... she wont eat mine!
12. I love all my cars to be the color white
13. I am the best fly fisherman around
14. My dad used to make me yell what i did wrong off the front porch 10 times when i got in trouble.
15. My favorite food is anything with a good salsa on it.
16. I can spot a deer or an elk from 7 miles away
17. I have driven through a tornado
18. If i dont know the answer is always 7
19. My favorite movie is Son in law
20. my favorite animal is a Mule deer
21. my favorite color is Sunset pink
22. I once chopped my sisters ponytail off
23. my favorite place to be is on the mountain
24. I hate any rattling noises.
25. In the winter i film deer and in the spring they shed their antlers and i find em and in the fall i hunt them.

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